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Solar Flagpole Lights

Our Solar Flagpole Lights automatically illuminate your flag every night. The solar panel capture energy from the sun during the day to illuminate your flag all night long. A light sensor controls the lighting cycle from dusk till dawn. Specially designed for flag illumination, they generate a powerful beam of light to display your flying flag from sunset to sunrise.

You can now install your flagpole at any location you wish without the trouble and cost of running electrical wires. Solar lights for flags are designed to light-up residential and commercial flag poles. They are very bright, safe and easy to setup.

Our selection consists of small solar flagpole lights with 1 to 12 LEDs which can mount directly to a pole and more powerful commercial solar flood lights with 108 to 356 LEDs. They are made of weather resistant material and will provide free illumination to your flag for years.

Whether you are proudly displaying the American flag or perhaps a corporate, team or advertising flag, a solar flag pole light is always a good investment.
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Commercial Solar Flagpole Light
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PolePal Solar Flag Light
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Solar Flood Light 336 LEDs
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Maxsa Solar Flag Light
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Solar Flood Light 108 LEDs
Average Rating(2)
Solar Flood Light 156 LEDs
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6 LEDs Solar Flood Light
Average Rating(1)
Commercial Grade Solar Flag Light
Average Rating(3)
Not for Sale
Solar Flood Light 108 LEDs
Average Rating(4)
Downlight Solar Flagpole Light
Average Rating(9)
Freedom Light
Average Rating(1)
Liberty Light
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