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Solar Flood Light 336 LEDs

Part Number:SFL336
Solar Flood Light 336 LEDs
Solar Flood Light 336 LEDs
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This extremely bright solar flood light with 336 ultra bright LEDs  produces approximately the equivalent of a 400W electric incandescent lamp. It can be used to illuminate advertising signs, exterior of buildings, car parks, parking lots and public area's.

This high grade solar flood light is designed to provide powerful illumination for commercial and residential projects.
It is suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. The solar LED flood light is perfect for any place where powerful and efficient lighting is required.
It can be used for lighting commercial signs, billboards, flags, monuments, trees, home and business facades, etc.

This 336 LEDs energy saving solar flood light operates automatically from dusk to dawn. It can run for approximately 10 hours when the battery is fully charged.
The battery is protected and the automatic voltage detection circuit controls the brightness of the LEDs so that the unit can operate for longer periods of time when the battery power starts to drop.

336 ultra-bright LEDs, a high grade solar panel and battery make this solar floodlight the perfect choice for all your lighting projects.
  • 336 ultra bright LEDs - 1880 Lumens. Generates around 400 watts at full power
  • High grade solar panel 18 Volts/40 Watts (aluminum framed)
  • Rechargeable lead-acid battery 12 Volts-38A/h included
  • Light sensor for dusk to dawn operation
  • Automatic voltage detection circuit controls the brightness of the LEDs
  • Operates up to 10 hours when fully charged
  • 2-3 days provision for rainy days
  • Durable and weatherproof material - Cast-Aluminum and toughened glass
  • 3 Meters wire with water proof DC plug
  • Illumination area approximately 17m x 17m
  • Solar flood light dimensions: 25 X 15 X 11.5CM / 1.7KGS
  • Solar panel dimensions: : 83 X 53.5 X 3CM / 5.5KGS
  • Battery dimensions: 19 X 16 X 16.5CM / 12.8KGS
  • Battery box dimensions: 26 X 22 M19.5CM / 1KG

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