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Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights are powerful and multi-purpose bright solar lights. They are suitable for commercial and residential projects where strong, reliable and permanent illumination is needed.  They can be used to light-up specific locations and object in your garden or for security lighting and area lighting.

Our commercial flood lights are perfect for horse arena lighting, sign lighting, and statue and monument illumination. They are also used for flag pole and security lighting.

Each light has a photo cell, which will automatically turn the LEDs on at dusk and off at dawn. In addition, an On/Off switch allows manual operation.

The powerful lighting is generated by tens or hundreds of ultra-bright LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs produce lighting at a fraction of the running cost of normal electrical bulbs. They also have a much longer life span.
The output of these units can generate from 90 to 1880 Lumen, which compares to around 100 to 400 watts. In most cases lighting will last 10-12 hours after 5-7 hours of sunlight.
For optimal sun exposure, the stand-alone solar panel of these LED solar flood lights can be placed away from the fixture.
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Solar Panel Mounting Bracket
Solar Flood Light 336 LEDs
PolePal Solar Flag Light
Commercial Solar Flagpole Light
Solar Flood Light 108 LEDs
Solar Flood Light 156 LEDs
Solar Flood Light 108 LEDs
6 LEDs Solar Flood Light
High Grade Solar Spot Light
100 LEDs Solar Security Light
14 LEDs Solar Security Light
Maxsa Dual Solar Security Light
50 LEDs Solar Security Light
SSL Solar Spot Light
Stainless Steel Solar Spot Lights
18 LEDs Dual Solar Security Light
Not for Sale
12 LEDs Dual Solar Security Light
22 LEDs Dual Solar Security Light
36 LEDs Solar Security Light
80 LEDs Solar Security Light
Copper Stainless Steel Solar Spot Lights
Not for Sale
Twin Solar Spot Lights
Not for Sale
45 LEDs Solar Security Light
Solar Spotlight
Multi Purpose Solar Spot Light
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