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"The delivery was very quick and very easy to install. The light is working well and is very good for supplying light for a off grid area. We bought one solar light just to try and like it enough that we are ordering more of the same light for the dog park . The quality of this unit is good and it is a self contained unit which is great so all is needed is a pole to attach to."
Ken Fleming President Community Of Leash Dog Park. from Weyburn Saskatchewan Canada

"These lights far exceed our expectations."
Bob Stewart from Custer State Park Resort, Custer, South Dakota

"I bought this fixture August 2011 for an HOA application. We had no 120 volt power at a particular location. The solar flood light has worked great but as expected, duration was shortened due to change in sun angle and age of battery. I replaced the battery for $20 and it's good as new, maybe better."
Paul from San Antonio, TX

"My first impression was extremely favourable because of the metal construction and build of these lights. They are professional solar lights used for landscaping, not the 'crappy' solar plastics that are readily available at box stores everywhere. The lights are bright! It illuminates my ornamental grasses and front features in the front entry extremely well. It comes with different mounting options, an extension cord from the panel to the light so you can place the the solar panel in the most optimal location. Note to those who live in the northern reaches, the lights need a lot of sunlight for recharging, so instead of the 10 hours as advertised, you might need a few days of sunlight for a complete recharge, but once recharged they do stay on as advertised. A quality product, and would highly recommend, if you are serious about your lighting, otherwise, go to the box store and buy those glow sticks they call solar lights."
Henk Jacobs from Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

"These are perfect. My dad passed away last year and I bought apair so that my mom and I could have one. Every night now we can look out and see the candle flicker and think of him."
Gail Hoffman from Albany, NY

"I've used both of these candles at the cemetery. They are truly beautiful. I would purchase again. Thanks"
Paulette MacLennan from Nova Scotia Canada

"Like them a lot ! Friendly costumer service."
Jennifer Clay from Gainesville FL

"The light is well worth the money. We put ours on our outdoor shed. A good way to keep the backyard lit, and doesn't use any electricity! Just what we needed."
Carol K from Edinboro, PA

"I received the solar string lights in good time and in good condition. I am happy with the service and with the item."
Jean Jones from Consul

"Purchased these specifically for a daytime, outdoor party, in a dark and dank park pavilion. They were bright, adding a lot of light and a very festive feel. Best of all, they stayed lit for the entire party - after only an afternoon of sunlight. Now I keep them in the backyard, in the tree next to the pool - the nighttime reflections are beautiful!!"
Denise from Michigan

"The lights are small and just want we wanted in terms of not being too in your face. They look great and the light seems to last most of the night. We will definitely get more."
M. Jordan from Long Beach, California

"I use this solar flag light to light my barn for the animals at night, it has a long battery life and is on for the entire night. It is an LED light so the effect is different than a routine light source, but you can't beat the ease of installation and the price. I will actually purchase 2 more in the future to light the other side of the barn."
Anna Toker from Waxahachie, Texas

"Very nice light. Easy to mount, well constructed, looks great. Building Maintenance Technician"
Chris Lau II from York, PA

"This is a nice Solar Flag light that works well and looks nice."
Charles D Hoskinson from Cimarron

"I have now placed this Solar Lite in 4 different cemeteries. 2 in Adams Co. and 2 in Juneau Co. WI. I am very pleased with the amount of illumination. I have tried other products and was not satisfied. Our cemetery project will continue and I will be ordering this light again."
Russell LaMarche from Grand Marsh WI

"This light is great! Very easy to install and carefree! It stays on all night after all but the very cloudiest days. The light is on the whole flag, not just one side. We had a light that shined up and there were constant problems with the electric eye, the bulb was hard to change, etc. This light is perfect!!"
Nancy Howe from NW Ohio

"The brightness of this light has far exceeded my expectations. It is so bright that it illuminates a circle on the ground. I also found that it stays lit till dawn. I highly recommend this light."
Mark LaScola from Warrenton, Virginia

"The solar flagpole light's glowing illumination is wonderful! After years of struggling with wires and spotlights, this is the best!"
Marilynn from Baneberry

"The commercial grade solar flag light is economical, easy to install, and very effective."
Bill Melendez from Alamogordo, NM

"Excellent buy for the price. Easy to install and works great"
Ron from Pasco, Washington

"The flag light was bought as a gift so I have no personal knowledge of the light. I do know the recipient is very happy with it."
Clarene Dysart from Montana

"I am quite pleased with my purchase of this product. It provides ample light to illuminate the flag in my front yard and the battery lasts the entire hours of darkness. Suggest a more secure mounting support for the solar panel though. Other than that...I'm very pleased with it."
Robert Covich from Oregonia, OH
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