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The Technology Behind Commercial Solar Lights

Posted by Admin on 6/1/2013 to Solar Flood Lights
Commercial solar lights make it possible to light an area or an object without any connection to the electric grid... and without paying more for electricity. They have little environmental impact and provide immediate savings on electrical expenditures. They are able to operate from dusk to dawn, turning themselves on and off as needed and requiring virtually no maintenance.

The Use of LEDs in Solar Lights

Posted by Admin on 5/26/2013 to LED
The increased use of LEDs (light emitting diodes) in solar lighting is due to several reasons: They are more energy efficient, safer and have a much longer life-span than incandescent light bulbs.

Contrary to incandescent bulbs LEDs don’t need to warm up to reach full brightness. They can also better withstand significant temperature variations and are physically much more resilient.

For all the above reasons, LEDs also known as solid-state lighting (SSL) are increasingly used in most recent solar lights.

Solar Flood Lights The Eco-Friendly And Affordable Choice

Posted by Admin on 10/7/2012 to Solar Flood Lights
Solar flood lights present many advantages, both for residential and commercial applications. The benefits of utilizing solar floodlights are numerous. They are far simpler to install than electrical units and can often be installed by the home or business owner in no time.
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